Camouflage Classic, Concealer & Finishing Powder

Coverderm Camouflage Classic, Concealer and Finishing Powder

Maximum cover concealing foundation for major skin conditions and imperfections

Since biblical times visible skin lesions have caused distress in sufferers. These may include vascular or pigmented birthmarks, pigmentary problems such as vitiligo (white patches) and melasma (darker patches), eczemas and psoriasis and even simple freckles.

Although Coverderm Camouflage cannot cure the skin condition, it can cover the lesion to such a degree that it may be completely indistinguishable. This could instantaneously improve quality of life and gives the patient the opportunity to return to normal activities.

In cases where the skin condition is treatable, Coverderm Camouflage can give instant ‘improvement’ of the condition while awaiting the action of other treatments to become visible.  Coverderm Camouflage is also highly effective in covering up unwanted tattoos.


Unique features of Coverderm Camouflage are that, after stabilizing and fixing it to the skin with Coverderm Finishing Powder, it is water-resistant and should stay put for up to 16 hours. Therefore, the coverage will not suddenly unbeknownst to the patient disappear during the activities of the day. It also does not have any negative effects such as clogging the pores or not allowing the skin to breathe and perspire. The beeswax in the products is healing, and is a natural anti-septic. The technique of applying and stabilizing the product should be explained and demonstrated by a trained professional for maximum benefit.

Coverderm Camouflage should be seen as a paramedical intervention and not as make-up or a cosmetic procedure. With this knowledge, groups of individuals who usually avoid make-up, should feel more comfortable in using these medical maximum cover camouflaging products.

Article by Dr. Suretha Kannenberg (Dermatologist in Cape Town)

About Dr Suretha Kannenberg

 Dr. Kannenberg qualified as a medical doctor (MBChB) in 1999 at Stellenbosh University. She spent some time practising in the United Kingdom after which she returned to South Africa to practice at the Karl Bremer and Tygerberg Academic Hospitals. After specialising in dermatology, she received her Master’s degree Medicine in 2012.

 Dr Kannenberg is registered with the Health Professions Council, is a member of the Dermatology Society of South Africa and regularly participates in congresses, conferences etc. She is also a member of the executive committee of the African Women’s Dermatologic Society.

 Dr Kannenberg is very passionate about her calling and enjoys caring for babies right through to the elderly, from acne and eczema through to aesthetic practices to enhance natural beauty.