Lespedeza capitata leaf / stem extract – a powerful active

The human circadian rhythm regulates certain patterns in the body

The body is regulated by a 24-hour biological clock, or global circadian rhythm, which controls physiological behaviour and metabolism, synthesizes molecules and hormones, and regulates appetite and sleep patterns. When the circadian rhythm is desynchronized or is under too much stress, cells do not function effectively.

What can disrupt this cycle and what is the result?

 The circadian clock can be disrupted by everything from stress and jetlag to electro-magnetic radiation and high energy visible light including blue light emissions from electronic devices, all of which are a part of modern living. The increasing use of digital devices show no signs of abating and the demands of the working environment means extended or unusual working hours, so we are exposed to them 24 X 7.

All the stressors lead to the deregulation of the circadian rhythm and is especially harsh on the skin which shows visible signs of fatigue. Skin fatigue is, for example, characterised by an unhealthy, tired and dull complexion, uneven skin tone and puffiness and dark circles around the eye area.

What is lespedeza capitata leaf / stem extract and what does it do?

It is a plant extract that naturally emulates the cells’ ability to resynchronize and regulate rhythm-dependent biological functions such as skin hydration and detoxification. These significantly reduce skin fatigue, improving complexion, skin tone and eye circles and puffiness.

Coverderm Peptumax range contains lespedeza capitata leaf / stem extract

Together with some other very powerful ingredients, the newly reformulated Coverderm Peptumax treatment range contains lespedeza capitate leaf / stem extract. This treatment range consists of a serum, an eye cream and a day/night cream.

Lespedeza capitate leaf / stem extract is totally plant-based and natural, and it is not tested on animals.