Not all skins react the same way during pregnancy

There are lucky women who experience the best skin of their lives during pregnancy. They literally glow from within, but there are others who battle with skin conditions associated with hormonal changes. So, not every pregnant woman will experience the same skin conditions.

1. Call it what you will, pregnancy mask, melasma, chloasma, the bottom line is that hyper pigmentation during pregnancy is very common. A woman’s body produces more hormones during pregnancy, and this may result in darkened blotchy spots on the forehead, upper lip, nose, chin and cheeks. These blotchy spots may completely disappear after giving birth, but for some it does not and requires further attention to prevent and treat.

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2. Other hormonal skin changes might include acne and a dehydration. During the first trimester of pregnancy acne and breakouts are fairly common as this is when the body’s hormone levels start to increase. This increases the skin’s oil production and may lead to acne, clogged pores and blackheads. As the skin stretches and tightens to accommodate the growing belly it loses elasticity and moisture.

⦁ To give your skin a fighting chance it is important to:

⦁ Drink plenty of water during pregnancy to hydrate your skin from the inside out, but more than likely this will not be enough
⦁ Use cleansers, toners and make-ups that moisturise your skin, are gentle and do not clog pores so make sure the products you use adhere to this
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3. A third important aspect to remember is that your skin is extra sensitive to radiation during this time and this encourages the development of hyperpigmentation. Always apply good sun protection products on your face and body. And remember that high energy visible and blue light, as well as electro-magnetic radiation are emitted from electronic devices 24 hours a day, so especially you face needs protection all day long. Make sure the face product you choose provides this kind of protection.