By admin / 03/12/2019

Lespedeza capitata leaf / stem extract – a powerful active

The human circadian rhythm regulates certain patterns in the body The body is regulated by a 24-hour biological clock, or...

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By admin / 10/11/2019

Sequence in your skin care regime matters

According to experts the sequence and the timing of when you apply skin care products is incredibly important. When you...

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By admin / 19/10/2019

Glycogen – an amazing active ingredient

Your skin is a living organism Your skin is doing some amazing things for you, day and night, 24/7! It...

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By admin / 10/10/2019

Not all skins react the same way during pregnancy

There are lucky women who experience the best skin of their lives during pregnancy. They literally glow from within, but...

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By admin / 02/10/2019

Dr Raboobee, president of the Vitiligo Society of South Africa

Dr Raboobee, president of the Vitiligo Society of South Africa, has coordinated efforts in three major cities in South Africa...

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By admin / 15/09/2019

Coverderm Peptumax e-ageing treatment range is specially formulated to protect the skin against damage caused by HEV and EMR

We live in a sea of electronic pollution, so we need to protect our skins 24 by 7 During the...

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By admin / 11/09/2019

Differences between the Coverderm Perfect Legs and Perfect Legs fluid

The main differences between the Coverderm Perfect Legs and Perfect Legs fluid is the coverage and the texture. *Coverderm Perfect...

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By admin / 11/09/2019

Camouflage Classic, Concealer & Finishing Powder

Coverderm Camouflage Classic, Concealer and Finishing Powder Maximum cover concealing foundation for major skin conditions and imperfections Since biblical times...

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By admin / 06/09/2019

Cleansing, toning & exfoliating

Removing Cream All-in-one cream cleanser Characteristics: Effectively removes waterproof make-up and sun block Extremely gentle yet deeply cleansing Cleanses not...

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By admin / 05/09/2019

More about various sun protection product claims

As sun protection products from all over the world have become available to consumers, they are now being confronted with...

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