Help for online store – how to navigate the site


Use the bar at the top to navigate the site. The headings on the HOME page are:


  • If you click on OUR RANGES all our products will appear, but they will not be in range sequence.
  • If you hover over OUR RANGES, there is a drop-down menu where you can select the range you wish to access and only the products in that range will appear. Our ranges are:

BODY GUARD insect repellents


  • basic skin care products
  • make-ups for maximum to full coverage for various skin types.
  • make-up for the body)

COMPLETE CARE CC CREAM sheer and natural looking coverage in colour correcting creams for face and eyes

FILTERAY long-lasting, water-resistant and photo-stable sun protection for face and body

LUMINOUS (treats hyperpigmentation):

  • Luminous day, night and eye creams and serum for lighter skin phototypes
  • Luminous Supreme day, night and eye creams and serum for darker or heavily pigmented skins
  • Luminous medium coverage make-ups that cover and treat hyperpigmentation


MAXYDRAT day (for three different skin types) and eye creams and a serum that hydrates the skin throughout all layers of the skin

PEPTUMAX (anti-ageing treatment):

  • Peptumax day and eye creams and serums that fight all three main causes of ageing
  • Peptumax medium coverage make-ups that cover and are anti-ageing

SUPERFECTION: body bronzer that is easy to apply and is without flaws, streaks and patches

VANISH (treats microcirculatory disturbances such as couperose, facial redness and dark eye circles):

  • Vanish day, night and eye creams and serum to treat microcirculatory disturbances
  • Vanish medium coverage make-ups that cover and treat microcirculatory disturbances
  • Vanish Jambes treats varicose veins on the legs


There are short descriptions of each range as you go into it.

There are short descriptions of each product if you click on the product image.

Should you wish to know more about our ranges and products and which specific products are recommended for specific skin conditions, visit our website .

When selecting a make-up make sure that you select the correct make-up number.

Also make sure you indicate the number of products you are ordering.

If you are not sure know what your correct shade is, look at our Foundation Finder (see header) and this will guide you to a tester kit set that you can order and try out to make sure you buy the correct shade full product.

If you know which product you are looking for use the Search function.


  1. The Foundation Finder will help you to identify the product you need or the tester kit you can buy to make sure you buy the correct shade full product
  2. It differentiates between make for the face and make-up for the body.
  3. It will ask you about:
    1. Skin tone
    2. Skin undertone
  • Level of coverage you require
  • Your major concern
  • Skin type (e.g. dry, oily normal skin)

There are pictorial illustrations of the various skin tones and undertones, but colours do not always show accurately in the online environment. So, we recommend that you make use of our tester kits.

SPECIALS: always keep an eye out for specials or discounts that are available on our online buying site.


  1. You must create and account on our buying site.
  2. We will send your username and password to your email account where you can activate your account with us.
  3. We have recently changed our site and if you previously had an account it will no longer exist. You will need to create a new account.


  1. Always check your cart to make sure the products you are ordering are correct
  2. If anything is incorrect, delete it from the cart before you Checkout.


  1. Once you are happy that your selection is correct you can conclude the order in Checkout
  2. Your order confirmation will be sent to your email address.
  3. We will dispatch your order as soon as we have received your payment in our bank account.
  4. Delivery takes between seven and 21 days.
  5. We make use of a secure online payment intermediary called Payfast. You can read more about them in our terms and conditions of this online site or you can visit their website .

CONTACT US: Feel free to contact us through the online buying site, our website ,our email at ,or call us on 012 460 1220.


  1. We do not currently charge courier fees for delivery in South Africa.
  2. If you need any more detailed information, please also see our terms and conditions on the site.