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Dear Customer,
Please acknowledge that you have Received, Read and Understood the following before the package with your online order can be dispatched under the protocols and requirements published in The Government Gazette No 43321 Vol 659 dated 14 May 2020, Regulation Gazette No 11113 :

1. We the retailer confirm to have fully complied with the minimum Health and Safety Protocols for handling and processing your order, to mitigate a health risk to you our customer.

2. We confirm that the courier that collects your package from us, fully complies to the required Health and Safety Protocols and Measures for collection by Courier. The courier must deliver the package complying to the Health and Safety Protocols: wearing a mask and maintaining the required social distance. The courier may not enter your home if you the customer or any resident in the immediate vicinity are not wearing their face mask.

3. You acknowledge and confirm to receive your package from the courier complying to the following Health and Safety Protocol:
a. You, the customer and all residents in the immediate vicinity must wear a face mask
b. Customer will maintain at least one and a half metres distance from courier and delivery personnel

c. You are encouraged to disinfect your e-Commerce goods using the following guidelines:
i. First, divide your table into a dirty and a clean area.
ii. Put your package received on the “dirty” area.
iii. Open your package
iv. Then, wipe down every item you purchased before you put them on the clean area of your table / surface (you can use a disinfecting wipe or spray).
v. Dispose safely of your gloves and packaging material and sanitize your hands.

4. We have included a printed version of the Customer Protocol with your package, for your convenience.